Can Do Coalition is one way in which MVNW is working to create meaningful partnerships in the community. The first focus of MVNW’s Coalition was on helping individuals and families understand and work with the law enforcement. The culminating event held for the public was a panel forum with break out discussion groups. The panel consisted of law enforcement officers, mental health providers, parents, and self-advocates. The Can Do Coalition is now focused on enabling partnership between the various organizations and agencies currently working with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disABILITIES. There are so many organizations doing great work in our community yet there is always more we could do to serve our community. The Can Do Coalition is working to provide opportunities and funding for agencies to network and find ways they can more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of our community. MVNW believes that the best way we can spread the ripples of Can Do Inclusion is through meaningful and effective partnerships.

As there is so much more we can do for our community, we would love if you or your agency is interested in being a part of the Can Do! Simply send us an email and we will get you connected. Not a part of an organization, but want to support this work? You can donate to MVNW to help fund meaning and effective partnerships in our community.